Unique Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Impress your employees at your next corporate event by hiring creative corporate event entertainment. Booking the correct entertainment is crucial to raise the bar and transform your event from good to fantastic, that’ll keep your guests talking for months. Why Use Corporate Event Entertainment? Corporate entertainment is mandatory to keep your guests happy and to […]

7 Steps For Perfect Event Design

Event design is about taking as much space as possible and transforming it into something amazing that can fit the size of your attending party, and that can provide the design for the theme of your event. A place people want to be to experience, whether they’ve come to learn, network or simply enjoy themselves. […]

9 Tips For Promoting Your Event On Social Media Platforms

Have you been put in charge of the event planning or your business this year? One of the most popular and cost-effective ways that people promote their brand or events is on social media platforms. What Social Media Platforms Are There? You can choose what type of social media platform you use dependant on your […]

How To Organise The Perfect Awards Evening

Whether you’re fundraising, organising an awards evening for a client or to give your staff a pat on the back, awards evenings are a fantastic way to bring everyone together for a night of joy and appreciation. Creating the ideal television worthy awards evening takes copious amounts of planning, but we’ve devised a step by […]

Ways To Cut Down An Event Budget

Everybody has a budget, whether it be the food shopping or purchasing a new property, there is always a limit on the amount you can spend. Event planners have more than just an event budget – they quite literally live and breathe the budget. They will do whatever they can to help reduce the cost […]

6 Crucial Rules Of Corporate Event Planning

Those who have a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the world of corporate event planning understand just how much organisation, and time it takes to plan and execute a great event. We took it upon ourselves to filter and break down this knowledge into ten rules that every event planner must follow. Of […]

The Best Gala Dinner Ideas

Corporate gala dinners are a regular occurrence in the event calendar that typically happens monthly – with most organisations these days anyway. Whether it be an awards night, a milestone celebration, an important presentation or just about any occasion, a gala dinner party is like the icing on the cake and the most important part […]

15 Creative Corporate Event Ideas

As you probably already know, one of the most successful methods of having people remember your event is to make it as quirky and unique as possible. Event attendees are regular gossipers about quirky out of the ordinary ideas – so what better way to make your event one to remember than with a quirky […]

The Benefits Of Hiring An Event Organiser

When you organise an event yourself, you can end up being bombarded with a lot more stress than you first imagined, it’s tough and requires a lot of planning beforehand for the event to be successful. Which is why event organisers are there to take care of all of your event planning troubles. What Is […]

Conference Organising – Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

Conferences are a fantastic way for you and all of your employees to brainstorm and share ideas, they are brilliant at helping your company both business wise and helps employees socialise and form new relationships. But is conference organising as easy as it sounds? It takes a lot of organising and management skills to create […]