Tailored Events

Our Tailored Events

Our variety of tailored events have been very popular and made appearances in the media, take a look below at some event categories we’ve organised.


Our team has been working with finance events since 1993 and have since been involved with AGM’s, client meetings and internal seminars with some of the greatest names in finance.


Health is a topic that is regularly spoken about on a daily basis; our work has branched out and been the organiser of many talks or meetings about medicine and health, this kind of event requires a particular understanding of the type of product and the product patient relationship.


Every year the leaders of retail are invited to voice at conferences about suitable and topical issues in the global world of retail. Redhead Productions support many large businesses in the retail industry and cover the main retail issues alongside economic, social, ethical and political impacts.

Even More

Although we have worked with a variety of different event categories, the other ones that are particularly popular are events such as technology events, or consumer products. We owe this companies success to all of our dedicated staff on and off the scene, who specialise in a variety of different key skills.

Tailored events