Galas & Awards

Gala Dinners

We create a sophisticated personalised backdrop to style your gala dinner and take the pain out of planning. Arranging the catering, tables and even forms of entertainment such as bands or a comedian. We also can contact some of the most admirable VIP speakers from the world of Government and sport to attend your event.

Relax and let your guests kick their feet up, as your designated event planner will be at your side planning and arranging everything for you so that your glamorous gala event runs perfectly into an event that will be remembered by everyone.

Award Ceremonies

Let us show off our creative flare and demonstrate our skills in staging with one of our award evenings. BAFTA, Grosvenor House and Dorchester are some of the names that have been the backdrop to some of our outstanding award ceremonies, with VIP hosts from a variety of backgrounds such as TV, Film and even members of the Royals.
Using state of the art lighting, projection and graphic technology, we combine the clever design and technical know how that make awards evenings into headlines.

We only provide the latest state of the art technology and lighting structures, and using these can transform your award ceremony into a headline.