Event Support

Expert team

Amongst our technical professionals, we also include show managers, stage callers, video and sound engineers, lighting designers, camera operators and carpet layers.

These members of staff do not go unnoticed, and they work hard to pull, lift, load, unload and set up and break down event sets at early hours of the morning. These staff members never go unnoticed as they’re the heart of being able to make your event look as stunning as it does, they form an important part of our company and will always receive praise from clients just as often as our planning team for their stunning designs and layouts and their dedicated hard work.

Fitted Around Your Requirements

The roles and makeup of our technical team can be adjusted to fit your desires and needs, from a single technician to a whole team of them each with independent key skill sets. The dress code for your event is strictly suited to the event type, and our staff are typically dressed in black. However, for events such as gala’s, they are more than happy to attend in a suit or dinner jacket to fit the event theme. If we are involved with a bigger team we usually are all equipped with headsets to prevent chasing around after each other, the headsets save time and are more professional, these headsets can also be given to clients if desired.


If it’s a presentation you wish for, our presentation experts can ensure it’s a success. From pie charts to powerpoints or HD images we can create something to interest your audience, available in all computer languages and programmes they can take care of the last minute changes.

Technical Support

All of our equipment has technical support available 24/7, and they provide life-saving networking tools such as online servers to link presentations around a venue and wireless routeing for those individuals cannot be away from their inbox for a split moment.


We also can provide you with webinars, global webcasting, iPad and iPhone technology, voting systems and wireless communication technology.