Event Planning

High Quality Event Planning

Aiming to be unique against other event planning companies by providing updated technology and services that guarantee a successful event. Redhead Production organises every event with our client’s requirements as the very top priority.

Filming And Editing

Providing services for filming and editing, moving images and 3D pictures. We can conceive and produce contemporary communications transforming our ideas combined with yours into genius unique content. We have the equipment to produce promotional films, animations, and photography for a variety of media platforms including the web, broadcast, live events and cinema.

Video Production

Offering broad amounts of knowledge and experience, we can advise you on achievable, affordable productions available within your campaign. The Redhead team has a vast understanding on what the video production process includes.

Event planning

How We Work

Critical paths

At the outset, we produce a critical path document, detailing all areas of the project with key action dates and update this regularly throughout preproduction guaranteeing all deliverables are proceeding to plan.

On-site schedules

Whilst the critical path typically details all those activities that are required prior to the event, our on-site schedule identifies responsibilities, times and actions for every stage of the event once the project team are on-site.

Running orders

In addition to the on-site schedule, we produce a conference running order for the benefit of presenters and show crew which provides a minute by minute run-down of the conference itself. Walk-in music, presenters, video inserts, lighting and sound cues . This document details who is presenting, how they present and what props or technology are required to support their time on stage.

Rehearsal schedules

Speaker rehearsal schedules – on and off-site – are produced to ensure presenters have ample opportunity to rehearse their presentation content and familiarise themselves with the stage environment and the supporting technology.

Post event evaluations

Delivery of the event, on the day evaluation plus post event analysis and reconciliation of event.

Production tools

You get one chance to get it right on the day and we use every tool at our disposal to ensure we do just that.

Why Choose Us?

Clear and regular communication between our staff and clients is vital, and we ensure this happens on a regular basis so that your event is successful. By employing a number of management tools and mechanisms means that we can guarantee agreed objectives and timescales are met, we will drive home your message with clarity, imagination and style. Among our creative services are;

Latest Technology

  • Set & lighting design
  • Script writing
  • 2D & 3D visuals and moving images
  • CGI and slide creation
  • Digital photography
  • Multi-lingual and simultaneous translation
  • Digital transcription of your conference or meeting

Production tools

  • We subscribe to powerful production tools such as;
  • Booking Confirmations
  • Purchase Orders
  • Project Change Notices
  • Contact and Status Reports
  • Performance review meetings