Corporate conferences take a vast amount of planning, in fact depending on the scale of your event it could even take months. You need to make sure everything flows perfect, the image of your business is at stake, and it’s important you and your employees present yourself as a professional intellectual group of individuals. But by holding a conference does it make your business open for growth? And what sort of impact does a corporate conference have on your business? If you’re interested in finding out – then keep reading!

What Is A Corporate Conference?

Corporate conferences are often held by business owners to create a large event when all different kinds of people gather to discuss, debate and inform themselves on a common interest.

General conferences can be of all genre’s including things such as music, comic book conventions and scientific conferences. However corporate conferences have been found to grow businesses and make them more susceptible to making negotiations and deals with other companies. Although these corporate conventions are not necessarily organised to inform and educate, they have the same meaning behind them; to get a large group of people all of one interest in the same room to communicate and meet new people.

These are often successful, and you find that a lot of members of the public that attend these events often return regularly, and they form a community of people.

When holding your corporate conference, you have 3 different audiences you will be catering for, they are as followed.

Internal – Your own employees, they will be assumably taking part and attending your corporate conference.

Client Base – Depending on your occupation or the genre of your business, getting your clients to attend your corporate conference can be a great opportunity.

Open To The General Public – Gain publicity by making your conference public, invite people to gain new interests and fill themselves with new knowledge.

Now when planning your event you must think it through thoroughly and brainstorm with your colleagues, however sometimes the planning can be too much, or you may not have enough hours in the day to make sure everything you’ve planned runs smoothly.

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So to start off, we will begin with your employees and what benefits they will receive from holding a corporate conference.


employee learning with manager


Now you may have employees that know more about a particular subject than another, and by bringing in speakers from a variety of educational backgrounds, people are able to choose what talk they would like to go too based on their interests. This means that your staff will learn something they enjoy which means they are more likely to bring something valuable to the business afterwards.


People like to be sociable without even realising it, especially when combined with the same interest. Your employees are going to meet new people that could be not only just an advantage to them but also yourself. People such as marketers, speakers other national business owners are now all potential contacts. Widen your opportunities and mingle with people from across the world who can share knowledge with you, that is known by nobody else.

Express Ideas

When brainstorming in a meeting at work, an employee may have a solid, really valuable idea that originated from what inspired them at your corporate conference. This can be tremendously important to your business and can make you and your establishment open for more growth, some of the best ideas are inspired from the smallest of triggers.

Your next audience base is your client base and the people you provide your services for.

Client Base

lady testing a product


Just like your employees, your clients are going to want to socialise as well. When becoming friendly with one of your employees, they form a relationship over the same interest which makes them more susceptible to working together or coming to a final conclusion with a deal.

Your clients are then also able to explore the people you have in your contacts, if some of your customers are also a business then why not partner up with them and one of your other trading partners? Networking is the ongoing process of growing your company.

Expand Your Resources

This is an excellent technique to help advertise and market your establishment, for example, if you’re a small local technology company that specialises in creating new electrical devices. Why not hold a stall at your corporate conference introducing your latest gadget? Give people the opportunity to try it out and if possible – sell a few! Every product that ends up being influential globally starts off being tested out at a convention or laboratory.

If you’re lucky the correct person may be interested in your product – then all of a sudden everyone is using it! I’m not saying you will become worldwide famous from holding a corporate conference; however, you will almost definitely have the opportunity to put your product out in the spotlight and show everyone your ideas!


Perhaps your client just uses your services because they’re positive they are in need of it? Maybe give them the opportunity to learn about your occupation and what your job entails, they may enjoy the fact that they now understand your profession and what your company does in a lot more depth.

The final member of your audience are the members of the general public.

The General Public

members of the public at a business seminar


Members of the public love meeting new people, it’s on of the reasons they attend these open, informative events. To try something new, to find a new interest or to simply socialise amongst the public!

You never know who you are going to come in contact with at an open corporate conference, the most prominent factor with the public is to be able to connect with them. Build a connection with mutual interests, and you have yourself a new potential customer! Not only this but they also are good at showing and sharing the information you gave them to other people!


The general public is going to mainly be at your event to learn if you feed them the sufficient amount of knowledge they’re going to leave your corporate conference knowing that they’ve invested their time in something worthwhile as they’ve learned something!


Make the most of having stalls offering your product/services, have someone take care of stalls where one of your employees talk and provide facts on the product or service you are trying to sell. Members of the public are going to be more interested in what you’re trying to sell them if you introduce it and list its benefits, as opposed to approaching them in the street telling them you want them to buy your product.

With correctly spoken and thought through talks, presentations, debates and discussions, corporate conferences can really help boost your products sales, especially if you’re the host of the event as all eyes are going to be on you.


Events like these are great for recruiting! Believe it or not, a wide variety of corporate conferences give you the chance to hand in your CV and covering letter, as it’s treated as a recruitment event for some establishments!

Career advice can be offered to the public if they are not sure the future path they wanted to take, this also links to the recruitment process as they may perhaps be looking for a job vacancy. If you were seeking to recruit members of staff through this process, then it is always a good idea to organise a few skill building and training sessions so that members of the public can have a taster of what your occupation entails before they commit to this.


So corporate conferences can really help grow your business, and it makes it nicer for employees to work there as they are being shown that the people above them care about their interests and want to make it possible for them to gain more knowledge to help them advance to their next stage in their career.

Planning an event like this can take weeks or even months of preparation time, and we know you have your hands tied with work and dedications to activities in your spare time. So why not use one of our highly experienced event planners in London? We are one of the most experienced event companies in London to date and specialise in these types of events.

We hope this article was informative and that you are successful in creating the perfect corporate conference!