Organising an event can be stressful work, and can even require a vast amount of planning months beforehand. No matter the size of your event there are still so many factors to consider; what about the food? What will you wear? And those aren’t even some of the biggest worries you have to think about! There are a lot of things to consider before organising an event, and you should make sure you have plenty of time to do so to ensure that your event is a huge success.

Do I Need Experience In Organising An Event For It To Be Successful?

Not necessarily, everyone has their first time at doing something, and you might be surprisingly good at it! Although when organising an event you do need to be good at organising and have strength in keeping things in order. For those who feel like the stress of organising an event is too much, our dedicated event planners in London are available 24/7 to assist anybody with any issues when organising an event. So if you’re holding an event soon – keep reading!

A Month Before

Give Yourself Time

Depending on the size of your event the more time you will need to plan, even so, you should give yourself at least 2 months to prepare. First of all, you need to establish the reasoning for this event, is it a birthday, charity event, family event, whatever the cause of this event you need to establish to your guests the reasoning for this event clearly. And by giving yourself a significant amount of time to plan you give yourself more time to pay attention to the smaller details and take everything into account.

Set A Budget

You need to have an idea of the price range you can spend on this event, the last thing you want is to spend huge amounts of money simply because you didn’t keep track of your spending. Create a list of all the things you need to buy such as decorations, any food and things like that, you may think these items are small and cheap but they all add up, and when you receive next month’s bill you’re going to be in for a surprise.

If you’re on a lower budget then don’t overspend trying to impress your guests, hold the event at home, not only does this make tidying and preparing easier but for certain events like birthdays, these venues work well.


One of the most important factors when organising an event, people need to be informed of the date, time and place as far in advance as possible to keep themselves free and give them time to prepare. You should also include an RSVP section for your guests to reply or include a contact email or phone number so that you can have a vague estimate on how many people will be attending your event.

pinned up invitation

3 Weeks Before

Set Everything In Stone

Now is the time to solidify the name of your event, the date and the event you have chosen. Now is the time to begin advertising your event if it is public by putting it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms, you could even set up a Facebook event page to entice other members of the public to get involved.

Gather All Needed Items

If you’re holding an awards evening, it may be a good idea to pick up any awards such as medals, certificates or trophies. For events like a birthday have you got the cake? Has the DJ confirmed he would be attending? Making sure that everything in place is vital to a successful event.


When organising an event, you should ensure all equipment is present, and you have hired all the correct things, whether it be a microphone for a talk or disco lighting for a social event you must make sure they are all hired for the exact time and place. You may need a second pair of hands to help you set all this equipment up in the future, but for now, it is more than okay just to make sure everything is correctly booked.

equipment filming stage

The Day Before

Carry Out A Headcount

Now is a good time to check all the invitations and RSVP’s you have received, tally up the replies so you can make a rough judgement on the number of people that will be attending your event.

The Day Of The Event

Time To Setup

Arrive early and begin to set up all the equipment and furniture, make sure your food table is set up and that all of the lights or speakers are in working order – the last thing you want is a party with no music! If so then begin setting out any chairs, tables and cutlery, if your event is in a venue and not your house then you should aim to have a reception that your guests can walk through, or they may float around unsure of where to go or what to do.

The Aftermath

Your event is over, your guests have all been chatting about your event and all your hard work has paid off! Your guests loved it, and you can’t help but feel satisfied that your organisation skills have brought enjoyment to your guests. All that’s left to do now is clean, and although that can be gut wrenching after spending months organising an event – it has to be done! On the other hand, you could hire a cleaner to do the dirty work for you, but it’s probably just easier you do it yourself.

 man cleaning stage


So there you have it! There is a lot to consider when organising an event, especially a large scale event. If you are having trouble juggling all the responsibilities of planning an event, our event organisers in London are more than happy to aid you in helping to plan and set up your event. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you found it helpful in some way or another, if you liked this article then why not share it with your friends?