Impress your employees at your next corporate event by hiring creative corporate event entertainment. Booking the correct entertainment is crucial to raise the bar and transform your event from good to fantastic, that’ll keep your guests talking for months.

Why Use Corporate Event Entertainment?

Corporate entertainment is mandatory to keep your guests happy and to provide them something to take their mind away and to break up the evening.

The ultimate corporate entertainment ideas for your event will blend seamlessly with the venue, theme, and end goal of your event. And as expectations within the world heighten year by year, the correct entertainment can aid in impressing attendees with an unexpected encounter.

So to inspire you for your next corporate event we have devised a list of the top, most creative corporate event entertainment ideas.

Interactive Food And Drink Stations

Food is crucial at any event, especially a corporate gathering where your guests are going to spend most of their time taking in information. Supply brainfood to give your guests something to keep them going, choose a caterer that supply options that suit all of your guests. From a customizable cocktail bar to a noodle bar, or even a stand-up ice-cream building station, there are plenty of different food options that can wow your guests

Social Photo Booths

Guests love to capture the moment, nothing compares to having pictures to take home after a fantastic evening. Technology has advanced severely making it a lot easier for you to organise a photobooth that allows your guests to leave with something to take with them to remember your event. Today’s social photo booths make it simple for guests to take photos, videos or GIFs, and share the photos straight onto social media channels.

photobooth sign

Giveaway Stations

The likelihood is that your guests will love free stuff, but only if it’s something useful to them, a lot of free gifts end up disposed of simply because guests have no use for them. Providing equipment that your guests can use both at your event and in the future are a guaranteed success, if your corporate event planning London why not supply your guests with complimentary notebooks and pens to record the information they receive from the evening? Not only will they get use out of this but your attendees will most likely be able to use this in the near future.


A small-scale competition can liven up your corporate event, some entertaining ideas could include a caption contest, or even a quiz-style game concentrated on topics about the business.

employees fighting over trophy

A Corporate Comedian

A corporate comedian pokes fun at the highs and lows of everyday work life, while keeping the language clean and the topics business-associated. Do in-depth research and keep your eyes peeled specifically for someone who specialises in corporate stand up, to make sure your entertainer doesn’t cross over into too offensive humour.


Thanks to performers like David Blaine, illusionists and magicians have transformed from birthday party performers to professional entertainment. A magician will shock and astound your guests with mind-boggling tricks either upon stage or with up close and personal tricks.

magician flicking cards

Cirque Show

Just like a magician, the circus talents have experienced an image makeover too, thanks to popular circus acts, their new image has elevated the art form to an unbelievable experience. Add a niche element to your event by hiring tumblers, acrobats, and aerial performers.


Caricaturists are always a success at any corporate event, take it to the next level by choosing somebody who has higher experience. Caricature artists are often organised by event management London and can use tablets to draw, and project their sketches onto large projectors in real-time at your event for maximum audience understanding and engagement.

Hire A Cover Band

If your corporate event has a theme, then try and incorporate this into it, choosing a cover band based on the theme of your event to provide the entertainment is an excellent way to go. Your attendees will enjoy hearing favoured classic songs, creating an energised, social environment.

Celebrity Impersonators

Dependant on whether you corporate event has a theme and event type, a celebrity impersonator could bring an element of humour. These actors and entertainers are trained and highly effective at uplifting an event, whether it’s mingling among the guests or putting on a show.

colleagues laughing

Dueling Pianos

Dueling pianos can be altered to be humorous or as a genuine form of musical entertainment: two pianos on a stage, both played by specialists who sing. Although a lot of space is needed for this activity, it’s suited for guests who wish for a bit of peaceful entertainment as well as those that are looking for a bit of humour. Your attendees will enjoy relaxing to tranquil piano music or laughing at some of the humorous lyrics that they create. As a plus, one the duel is over, the pianists more often than not stay and create a form of classy yet funny piano karaoke.

Fire Performers

Whether it’s fire dancers, eaters or jugglers, fire performers can add excitement and drama — not to mention being amazing for your event images. Post the images and spread the word on all social media platforms, and be sure your event hashtag is posted with all of your images and social media posts. But be sure to double check with the venue you have chosen that this is okay before making any arrangements.

fire performers on stage

Get Creative With Your Budget

The key to a successful event is to make sure that you cater your entertainment suitable for the type of event you’re having. Organisation and audience priority are a mandatory focus, and by choosing the correct event entertainment, you are guaranteed to hold an event that satisfies your guest and boosts employee productivity in the circumstances of a corporate event.

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