Corporate gala dinners are a regular occurrence in the event calendar that typically happens monthly – with most organisations these days anyway. Whether it be an awards night, a milestone celebration, an important presentation or just about any occasion, a gala dinner party is like the icing on the cake and the most important part of the event, which is why we’ve put together some of the best gala dinner ideas.

Why Use Gala Dinner Ideas?

Gala dinner events have evolved significantly over the course of the past few years as event managers are experimenting more and more with a broad range of entertainment, catering, themes and seeking out breathtaking unique venues.

We’ve picked 10 of our favourite gala dinner themes which are sure to be perfect for your next corporate event:

Moulin Rouge

Keep your guests entertained with copious amounts of ballroom dancing, live performances, imaginative, vibrant costumes, elaborate sets, a sophisticated décor with dark red and charcoal shades paired with dimmed velvet lights. Moulin Rouge is a glamorous affair, so of course, it must treated like one – featuring top hats, feathers and a lot of extravagant, colourful props.

The Casino Royale Theme

If you are craving glamour and excitement, not many gala dinner nights can rival against a Casino Royale themed-night. The Casino Royale theme focuses on sharp and glamorous dressing, exquisite décor, focused lighting and everything hand made for V.I.P’s.
With a Casino Royale theme party you must be organised, it is a high-class ideology – it calls for your best suit and black tie for the gentlemen, stunning extravagant gowns and heels for the ladies. Other essential elements that make up this theme also include; regular-sized gaming tables, gaming chips/cards, professional croupiers, casino decor, creative stage sets, Las Vegas show girls, bouncers and body guarding services and exotic car displays.

gambling table

The Oscars

The Oscars are a yearly event that is recognised by almost everybody; an Oscars-themed gala dinner complements your organisation’s awards evening perfectly. The A-list celebrities associated with this monumental event theme are sure to wow your guests and create an event never to be forgotten. Roll out the red carpet, walls stacked with photographs, spotlights and bright lights, media companies and paparazzi, theatrical attire, Hollywood-inspired performances and props will add the authenticity and glamour your gala night should achieve. Why not get creative with the awards night décor and use a contrasting dim accompanied by bright lighting set around the stage to create an astounding atmosphere.

The Black and White Formal

Usually, a black and white themed gala dinner is considered boring, but with event management London it’s possible to make your gala dinner a sophisticated event to remember. Perfect for important corporate dinners, this theme gives event planners the opportunity to play around with the contrasting colours, soft lighting and classical décor to create a unique atmosphere that looks and feels sophisticated.

young friends at black and white party

Las Vegas

Vegas is all about fun, so it’s important that you ensure your corporate gala or awards evening meets the same criteria. Colours and sounds that have the ability to transport you to a city of luxurious lifestyles amongst the rich and famous. Red, black, gold, silver are Vegas signature colours, and there are well know songs and dances, flashing lights and Vegas inspired entertainment to stun the audience. The typical décor featured in Vegas generally consists of card games, dice games, slot and fruit machines, and other casino-related props to bring your Vegas setting to life. Vegas-style archways add to the glamorous theme.

Classic Grand Gala / Gatsby

The favourite film of many, a Gatsby-themed gala evening is the perfect opportunity to host a classy event with stunning centrepieces, extensive décor, sophisticated beaded dressing and courteous entertainment. The setting calls for rich, subtle colours for example; white, silver, gold, and greys would be the central colours when designing your layout. You can get very creative with the lighting (we’re talking luxury chandeliers). Bring your set design to life with sparkling silver props. Classical black tie dress code, elegant beaded dresses, subtle masks and feathers make the evening complete.

woman in gatsby costume drinking cocktail


This trend is slowly becoming more popular for corporate gala and dinners; the nature theme can give you an invigorating break from the typical everyday design. Nothing portrays your company’s social responsibility better than by hosting an event that places nature and sustainability at the forefront. With natural organic food and recyclable items, green décor and soft natural lighting, a nature-themed gala dinner is an ideal occasion to promote views of recycling, reducing greenhouse gases and what attendees can do to help save the environment. Involve subtle earthy colours, for either the dress code, centrepieces or design. You could even use it in natural elements like organic floral decorations, nature-inspired presentations and in certain cases living wildlife have been used to add natural splendour.

Hawaiian / Caribbean

Everyone loves being abroad, so why not bring out the fun and incorporate your favourite holiday destination or an island getaway theme for your gala dinner. Host your event on a rooftop for an under the star authentic feel complete with rustic décor, vibrant shades spurred by the ocean, exotic floral centrepieces and a seafood menu to convey the typical tropical climate. Traditional archways feature straw gates, palm trees and coconut trees, while head bands, grass skirts, garlands, beads and tiki hats are the typical attire of the day. When it comes to fun and games music, hoopla rings, the limbo and hula dancing are quite the favourites.

corporate employees at beach party


Warp back in time and portray the era of great kings, majestic queens and the brave knights. A medieval theme has been widely favoured by numerous companies when organising their event and many event companies London offer this as one of their options. Decorate tables with typical medieval props, coat of arms, detailed costumes, house banners and medieval entertainment acts such as a jester to create an atmosphere to remember. The dinner event can also feature ballroom dancing, royal décor, impressive lighting and vivid colours.

Secret Garden

Mimic the adventure of Alice in Wonderland and take your guests on the journey of a lifetime. Choose between a real garden setting or recreate a mystical outdoors in the space chosen for your event, backdrops against glowing vibe of the garden’s décor elements add an incredible feeling to the evening. Garden features such as trees, foliage, night creatures, bushes shrubs and flowers light up to complement the intense spot light positioned centre stage, seating and tables.

clinking glasses at garden party


So there are some design ideas for your next corporate dinner or gala, these ideas are mainly chosen for larger scale corporate events as opposed to something smaller scale.

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