Why Your Business Should Hold A Corporate Conference

Corporate conferences take a vast amount of planning, in fact depending on the scale of your event it could even take months. You need to make sure everything flows perfect, the image of your business is at stake, and it’s important you and your employees present yourself as a professional intellectual group of individuals. But […]

What To Consider Before Organising An Event

Organising an event can be stressful work, and can even require a vast amount of planning months beforehand. No matter the size of your event there are still so many factors to consider; what about the food? What will you wear? And those aren’t even some of the biggest worries you have to think about! […]

10 Of The Best Corporate Event Ideas

Work can be stressful, so once in a while, it feels great to relax with your co-workers and unwind with your work colleagues as a reward for all your hard work and dedication. What Are Corporate Events For? Corporate events are a good way of socialising and building bonds with your work colleagues and people […]

New Website

Welcome to our new website

Hello and welcome to our new website! Red Head Productions is a company that specialise in providing high quality services for a variety of different events. Since our early beginnings we have provided expert knowledge and quality services for companies in every sector, both large and small. The team at Red Head Productions combine expert […]