Whether you’re fundraising, organising an awards evening for a client or to give your staff a pat on the back, awards evenings are a fantastic way to bring everyone together for a night of joy and appreciation.

Creating the ideal television worthy awards evening takes copious amounts of planning, but we’ve devised a step by step breakdown to help you. So keep reading!

Why Organise An Awards Evening?

An awards evening can be a fantastic way to show your employees appreciation and recognition for the hard work and dedication that they bring to your company. It also creates brand awareness of your company through marketing strategies, but how can you organise one to make it successful? Keep reading to find out!

Write Up A Brief

No matter what type of event you’re organising, you should always begin here. In a briefed document, you should set out exactly why and how you’re staging the event. What is the end goal? How and what will you use to measure the end result of the event?

Once you’ve identified your goals, you can use this to aid you in planning the event specifics, like the number and variation of guests, and the event date, time and location.

Set Your Budget

It’s important to think about the budget when beginning to plan your event. Obviously, you shouldn’t plan for things that you know your budget will not stretch to cover! The amount you have to spend will depend on what the client allows you and also the type of awards evening that you are organising – for example, the amount of people. Will you make profit by selling the tickets? Will the awards be sponsored to help cover costs of everything or will everything come out of internal budget?

Mandatory costs you need to think about include event catering, venue hire and décor, entertainment or guest speakers and VIPs – If you want high profile hosts, presenters, speakers or special guests, this can use up a sizeable lump of the budget.

What is an event without promotion? Whether it be paid or organic you’ll also need to think about the cost of promotional material your event and how you can encourage candidates to buy tickets – will paid marketing fit into the budget? Or will you have to settle for organic freelance work – like social media? Of course, if you are hosting awards for your employees then advertising can be done with simple homemade flyers around the office or establishment.

writing down costs

Find Hosts

The host of your event can vary, you can opt for a senior member of staff that is widely respected by other employees. Or you can go on a hunt for high profile guests that will be willing to present awards for a price that fits your budget.

If you can’t find a VIP host then it’s not the end of the world, it’s your job as event management London to find a suitable host so remember senior employees or have a look at local sports people and motivational speakers that may be seen as influential.

Choose A Venue

How far your budget will stretch, and the number of guests will be the significant influencing determinant when selecting your venue, but apart from this, you should look for somewhere with a certain degree of ‘wow factor’. By their nature, award evenings are supposed to be an exciting and glamorous that produce pre-event anticipation. Choosing a stunning, yet unique venue can help raise interest – which can work in your favour with the advertising side of things, so don’t dismiss quirky venues off hand – creative lighting and decor can completely transform a space.

people toasting red wine

Pick A Theme

Of course, you do not have to have a theme for an awards evening if your client does not desire this, but having a theme for your awards ceremony is a fun way that can differentiate it from the rest and can excite guests. Be sure to choose something exciting and fun, Perhaps a masquerade evening or Hollywood glamour?

Add Value

In addition to showing recognition with the giving of awards, your event should offer added temptations. Not everyone will walk away with a trophy or prize, but they should feel satisfied and fulfilled with enjoyment regardless of that.

Networking is an excellent way encourage your guests to socialise at your event. The opportunity to meet the higher and more senior persons of your industry will without a doubt be a prominent attraction for guests, so plan regular breaks that give guests the opportunity to mingle and socialise.

coworkers socialising


Your guests have come for a show and paid valuable money, so be sure to give them exactly what is promised. Simply reading a list of award winners and arranging a photographer to have their photo taken can be a little tedious for non-winners, so think about how you can incorporate them into the ceremony.

Run A Raffle

Even if the central aim of your event isn’t to raise money for a charity, don’t miss the opportunity to do something good for your community. Why not hold a raffle or auction with donated prizes. This offers sponsors the chance for a shout out, while at the same time raising money for a helpful cause.

Announce at the end of the night the final amount raised to heighten the feel-good factor, or save the good news for follow-on news on social media to keep people interested in your event even after it has happened.

picking out raffle tickets


Once the event organising London is out of the way, it’s time for your guests to let their hair down and pride themselves. It’s essential to book some form of entertainment that’s guaranteed to get the crowd excited during breaks, so ask around locally for recommendations, you could use this as an opportunity to give a local band or singer some recognition.

Show Off Your Event

Take plenty of photos! Social media is the ideal platform to both build excitement about your event beforehand and then to share all the headlines on the night and share pictures and follow-ons after your event!

Don’t forget to set up a dedicated hashtag for your awards evening so that attendees can tweet questions and photos and join the conversation.

man checking social media on phone


There’s a lot to think about when planning a successful awards show, but it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding events.

From extending your organisation’s brand awareness and influence and motivate your employees, awards are well worth the effort and can help improve the connection between your employees and the relationships within your business.

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