Conferences are a fantastic way for you and all of your employees to brainstorm and share ideas, they are brilliant at helping your company both business wise and helps employees socialise and form new relationships. But is conference organising as easy as it sounds? It takes a lot of organising and management skills to create a smooth running conference – but it can be done!

What Are The Benefits Of Conference Organising?

All round there are plenty of benefits to organising your own conference, however, as a pre-warning, it can be full on, and people often use our event planners in London to take some of the planning work off their shoulders.

You would not believe the amount of knowledge you can pick up from a conference; you don’t necessarily need to attend a job-based conference held by your work. You can organise a conference yourself and base it around your particular interests.

Also, increase your contacts base through conferences, it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Expanding contacts with the people you meet at conferences that share the same knowledge level and interests to you ensures that you are open to many more opportunities. There are opportunities such as sealing business deals with potential traders or customer bases.

So the main question is although you can organise your own conference – is it really that easy? What do you need for your conference and how can you make the most of the services around you to ensure your conference runs smoothly – carry on reading to find out!

Ensure You Have Enough Time

Time is crucial when planning any event whether it be birthday parties, a wedding or a conference. You need to make people aware of your event in enough time so that they can prepare and save the date.

You need to use your time wisely and as each day goes by set yourself a target of what you need to get done, find your venue and pay the hiring fee as soon as you can to get it done and out of the way.

Also, consider things such as catering, will you choose something along the lines of a finger buffet offering a variety of snacks like the vast majority of companies do. If so you need to decide on what items of the menu you would like and set yourself a budget, so you don’t overspend on food that won’t necessarily get eaten.

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A lot of thought goes into these events and the more effort you put into your guest’s needs and making them comfortable, the more they are going to enjoy their time at your conference.

It has been found that by presenting your guests with a small gift or freebie they’re more likely to engage in any activities they could potentially participate in. It also gives them the opportunity to collect notes and write down any knowledge they find useful from guest speakers or yourself.


This part is not easy if you haven’t organised an event like this before, it is crucial that you have all the correct equipment to aid blind and deaf members so that they too can be involved in the conference.

If you do not supply the variety of audio equipment for visually or hearing impaired members, then you could potentially receive a lot of problems and receive criticism.

You should also provide things such as slideshows to present things like pie charts and graphs to give your members a clearer idea of what you are presenting, this also presents you as organised and shows that you are intelligent and talented at what you do by providing statistics.

It’s always better to have the best event equipment as it shows your organisation skills and will engage your audience more.

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Guest Speakers

Your guest speakers will be the main event that all your audience has come wanting to see, if you can get a few guest speakers who have a little bit of publicity and will be distinctive then you’re going to receive a lot of attention.

Despite this, a lot of people go to conferences simply because they’re interested in the topic of discussion – which is crucial. When recruiting your guest speakers, you must make sure that you involve people of different topics.

If you have speakers talking about the same things then your guests are going to become bored and leave, however, if you hire people that are experts on their interests then they are going to want to sit and gain knowledge.

If you’re struggling to recruit members for your guest speakers, then panic no more – with our event management in London we can do the hard work for you and have had highly influential guest speakers in the world of sport and government.

With guest speakers, you should ask them to assist you months beforehand so that they can save the date and guarantee that they’re free. A lot of people who organise conferences leave this until last and end up rushing around trying to find members to join their guest speaking team.

Stick To Your Budget

One of the main issues that make organising a conference so difficult is people do not keep track of their budgeting. When organising any event, it is more than easy to lose track of your bank balance.

Create a spreadsheet of all the different products and services you will be investing in to ensure the day runs smoothly, team this with the price and how much you will be left with after you’ve spent the money on it.

Spread sheeting is also a fantastic way to work out how much money you are going to be spending on bulk items such as freebies for your guests, the key to a good event is organisation so by doing this simple precaution you can be one step ahead of the game.

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So all in all organising a conference is difficult – organising any event is stressful, and a lot of people like to give the weight of the job to someone else. Which is why we have our event planning London service to let our clients relax and kick back while we organise the catering, entertainment and everything else.

Not looking to organise a conference? No problem as we specialise in tailored events, gala’s and award ceremonies, and corporate meetings.

We hope this article was informative – if it was why not share amongst your friends and family and help make their corporate conference a success.