When you organise an event yourself, you can end up being bombarded with a lot more stress than you first imagined, it’s tough and requires a lot of planning beforehand for the event to be successful. Which is why event organisers are there to take care of all of your event planning troubles.

What Is An Event Organiser?

Event organisers are specialists. Their job is to organise and plan your event step by step, they are trained and experienced to ensure that your event will run smoothly on the day.

Event organisers take everything upon themselves from the guest lists through catering to equipment hire; they organise all kinds of events and they follow strict guidelines to ensure client’s specific requests are met.

So the question everyone wants to know is; should you hire an event organiser? What are the benefits and can an event organiser London really make your event one to remember? Carry on reading to find out!


Hiring an event organiser adds another member to your team. It can help to balance your workload whilst keeping yourself involved in the decision making process.

You can arrange convenient meetings with your designated event planner to discuss updates and to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Take the stress away

Whether you deal well with stress or not, organising an event is not a walk in the park. Having an event planner London will help you organise and plan and be there in case something anything goes wrong.

An event organiser can deal with any issues while you concentrate on more important things like V.I.P.’s and guest lists. They will research and plan your event and take responsibility for overall success on the day.

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The correct theme and being unique

Event planners are creative people; they train for many years work very hard to be where they are. Use this to your advantage. If you’re hosting a gala dinner or other important event, use your event planner to come up with alternative ideas and different formats to create a theme or unique decorative style.

Save time

You are busy and have a million things to do. Save time by offloading tasks and chores to your event planner. Let them take some of the strain and give yourself more time.

Negotiation skills

Every event needs some amount of negotiation whether it be with vendors or suppliers, caterers to venue staff.

Use your event planner to place that extra bit of pressure on negotiations. They are skilled in getting the best deals and they always know when you are being overcharged and waste no time in sealing a better deal.

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Stay within your budget – Overspending is easy

Ever had to watch how much you spend on your monthly groceries? That’s what event planners do.

Tell them your budget at the outset and they will not spend another penny. They will also negotiate any additions or extras on your behalf always keeping a running total for your approval.

And don’t forget, they can also suggest cheaper alternatives and money saving ideas to help stretch your budget as far as possible.

State of the art equipment

Event planners will also organise all your audio-visual, projection and sound equipment for you. They know what is required to make an event run smoothly
and will organise any specialised equipment you may need.

Sound enhancements for the hard of hearing, multiple screens for impaired visual sight lines and computer programmers to spice up your slide deck.


All in all, an event planner is an asset to your team. Not only to ensure that your event is a success but also to give you more time and make planning the event a stress free experience.

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