Have you been put in charge of the event planning or your business this year? One of the most popular and cost-effective ways that people promote their brand or events is on social media platforms.

What Social Media Platforms Are There?

You can choose what type of social media platform you use dependant on your product or event type – the type of guests you are trying to captivate also play a role when deciding the social media platform you use.

But if you’re looking for a relatively affordable platform to help promote your event then social media would be a great way to start, so we’ve written out 10 business social media promotion tips to increase the talk, captivate potential new clients and produce feedback on your event.

1. Make A Facebook Event

The first step is always to create a Facebook event; realistically there are not many people you know that will not have a Facebook account. People are constantly spending time on Facebook, and it’s one of the most used platforms in the world so therefore you should announce your event on Facebook and invite the guests.

Facebook events are entirely universal. People see them, interact with them, and get event updates from them every day. It is common that people you don’t necessarily know will be invited to the event due to similar interests – and then there’s the chance that they will attend and also invite their friends and family.

Promoting the event on your business’s Facebook page creates a powerful impact on your audience. Followers and friends who land on your business page for any reason will be made aware of your event. And their friends and other supporters who are invited to your Facebook event page can invite their friends as well – meaning that it makes it easier for the guest list to grow continuously.

Facebook like symbol with notifications

2. Google AdWords

Are you using Google AdWords to support your event? And do you or have you ever had a Google+ account? If so, you can add social verification to your paid Google AdWords ads. Doing so gives your adverts validity and verification making it trustworthy with people that don’t necessarily know you or your company. It also can give your event more coverage and reach a wider audience by finding the correct guests that type in related keywords.

3. Pre Event Videos

By uploading videos before your event, you can create a buzz of excitement within your attendees and excite them for the upcoming event by giving them spoilers and behind the scenes previews. Videos can provide engagement opportunities as friends share them with each other.

When producing a video, make sure you keep in mind the intended audience for your event and try to include things and topics that will keep them interested. Host your video on social media platforms that allow you to share live videos for pre-event preparation – such as Instagram or Facebook.

event video production

4. Share Blog Posts on Social Media

This step should be followed by all corporate event planners London, you should include a blog section on your website with regular blog posts, after your event you should write a blog post about the highlights and key moments of your event, and then share it on social profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter. Sharing blog posts on social media platforms don’t only make your articles more visible but also increases traffic to your website.

Every social media channel has different tools, benefits and abilities. You need to make sure that the content you include in any of your posts is engaging and relates to your audience to get the maximum engagement out of these platforms. These channels are also a great way to promote your business event once you obtain audiences for your blogs.

5. Give Aways And Competitions

Arrange prizes for a giveaway or competition that will entice your guests to enter and follow your page for further updates. Because audiences feel appreciated if they receive freebies or win prizes.

There are plenty of ways to inform your followers that you’re holding a giveaway or competition. These include emails, social media posts, flyers and leaflets and informal methods.

celebrating winning a competition

6. Update Cover Images And Images On Social Accounts

Your Facebook cover photo is a great way to promote your event. There, you can highlight the rewards you are offering your clients and audience. To drive customers to your events page, design an attractive and appealing cover image.

7. Podcast About the Event

If you have your own podcast, use it for the promotion of your upcoming event. If you don’t already have one, then make one and begin to create them. To make your event worth offering to your guests, don’t just talk about who the speakers are. Also, make your event sound appealing and explain what your listeners can achieve by attending the event.

Promote to your subscribers, include links to sign-ups, and provide dedicated fans with automatic and periodic updates. Post your podcast availability times on your site complete with a live link. Enroll in high authority podcast directories for maximum coverage and to entice new listeners.

phone and headphones set up for podcast

8. Share Quotes from Experts/Speakers

Visual content is the perfect way to captivate your audience and make them focus on what is being spoken about, as well as to have them act on your content and on your website.

Display a striking statement or any quotation in any slideshows or presentations from your speakers. This creates a visual impression on your audience and connects them to the person giving the quote.

Through the quotation, your followers can find out more about the speaker’s personality or presentation. The image also provides publicity for your speakers, as well as giving the event repute.

9. Use Hashtags

As social media sites keep evolving hashtags are now designed to improve your coverage, hashtags help in promoting products and services and gathering new clients.

Hashtags should be short, relevant to your event, and contain natural keywords to enhance their visibility in search engine rankings.

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There’s no doubt that social media is a massive help to event management London. Through social media, you can promote your business in numerous ways. All you have to do is to follow these tips, so if you found this article helpful then why not share on social media?