Those who have a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the world of corporate event planning understand just how much organisation, and time it takes to plan and execute a great event. We took it upon ourselves to filter and break down this knowledge into ten rules that every event planner must follow. Of course, these are tips or helpful advice; but these 10 rules of corporate event planning are absolutely vital in securing the success of each and every one of your events.

Why Hold A Corporate Event?

What better way to bring all of your employees together and reward them than to organise a fantastic corporate event, choose between an awards evening to reward them for their hard work to a seminar or talk to let your employees know that they are doing well and socialise al together. SO now you know why you should hold a corporate event the real question is what are the rules to help you make sure it is all perfect? Read our 6 rules of corporate events to find out.

1. Keep In Mind The Importance Of Networking

The copious amounts of excellent event planners will tell you that they are great networkers, they need to be! This is because a broad network of local suppliers, trustworthy colleagues, and companions can make all the difference and push you across that fine line that lands between success and failure.

Having someone to rely on when things get tough – although that is the job of event planners London, their whole job is based on communication and networking which is why they’re so good at what they do. You need to know who to call when customers request something complex or unique, as this is unavoidable and it’s our job as event planners to make that request happen. Always be on a lookout for new potential partners you could make possible business connections with.

2. Event Sign Up Must Be Easy

Your goal is to make everything as simple as possible. A reliable event management software can simplify event sign up and provide your guests with outstanding user experience.

people registering for an event at table

3. Be Mindful Of Everyone’s Cultural Differences

Event planners must have a wide understanding of the differences between cultures and how something else may be a big hit in one culture and be considered as entirely inappropriate in another. The last thing you want is to make visitors feel uncomfortable at an event organised specifically for them.

4. Always Gather Feedback

Attendees of your event should leave with lasting memories, and you, as an event organiser, should return with feedback that will provide you with help to ensure that you make the next event even better. Event management software can be helpful when carrying out this task.

leaving star reviews on chalk board

5. Communicate and Listen

The happiness and enjoyment level of all clients is the number one priority. You may have your own preference on how you would like to run things, but they don’t mean much if they don’t match the preferences of your clients. Listening is a really good quality to have and can really help to understand what your client’s goals are and communicate in such a way that will make your customer feel valued and understood.

6. Marketing Is Powerful

When in involved in corporate event planning London, there is a lot of competition with lots of other events and event companies so it’s important that people are aware of your event. Marketing is key for recognition and brand awareness, and it’s also a big provider when it comes to new clients. Every event is an opportunity to market your services and create a detailed portfolio of pictures of happy guests and impressive events. These can be shared on your social media platforms, your website, and on your printed promotion material.


And that’s it; our 6 crucial rules of corporate event planning, and now it’s time for you to expand on them and deliver fantastic and memorable events for all of your clients.