As you probably already know, one of the most successful methods of having people remember your event is to make it as quirky and unique as possible. Event attendees are regular gossipers about quirky out of the ordinary ideas – so what better way to make your event one to remember than with a quirky theme or a niche design with our corporate event ideas.

Can I Use These Corporate Event Ideas?

of course! We’ve picked through the internet for the most innovative features that have been praised for design and individuality in the past few months, providing a useful collection of ideas to guarantee eccentric ideas for a successful event.

Digital “Yellow Brick” Road

Featured at Europes largest digital marketing conference, this extravagant design features a 130-metre installation of LED cubes that guided attendees to a function screen that sensed movements when someone positioned themselves in front it and changed the colour of the lights accordingly to their movements – events like these are often organised by event management companies London.

The design featured a staggering total of 609 glowing LED squares which floated above all of the conference attendees.

Credit: Prolyte Group

Alternative Payment Café

David Lloyd Leisure Group made the decision to run their first “exercise for your pies” café concept, where customers were given the option to pay for their meals and drink with exercise bikes, rowing machines, spin bikes and exercise mats.

Upon ordering their food guests would then partake in a warm-up, shortly followed by a 10-minute workout before giving training payment to the restaurant’s trainers.

exercising on exercise machine

Credit: Metro
Credit: Event/David Lloyd

Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar

This Nitrogen ice cream bar had a unique twist, featuring ice creams in unusual flavours such as Jack Daniels, and Popcorn and Apple Pie, with the exciting feature of exhaling a foggy cloud of “dragon’s breath” nitrogen smoke.

Credit: Conference News

Projection Mapped Stage Set

A screen alongside 18 panelled columns provided a projection canvas suitable for mapping sequences that were tailored to each speaker.

blurred stage set

Credit: Corporate Events

Carnival Parade

Holland & Barrett kicked off its conference with an outstanding morning carnival parade leading guests to the main plenary. Hiring the entire Butlins establishment for two days, they held a high scale conference, completed with a funfair, barbecue, band and even a lip sync battle between the CEO and company COO – you may need an event planner London to plan an event of this scale.

Credit: Meet and Potato

Immersive Photobooth

A photobooth that took visitors to London on a tour around London’s most beautiful and renown landmarks, with participants given the option to instantly share their pictures or print them off as a souvenir to take home.

Credit: Eventmagazine

Inflatable Chandelier

This unique event consisted of hundreds of white inflatable tubes that were suspended from the ceiling of Design Miami’s entrance pavilion. The courtyard also featured a matching tubular foam seating area for visitors to perch for a rest.

Credit: BizBash

Food Science

Cater Tonic took event catering up a step when they presented ‘The Theory of Food’ – these interactive live food stalls were a huge hit an experimented with the physics and flavours of food. Also including science-based food concepts including ‘levitating’ petri dishes of pasta, tomato, tomato water bubbles, and savoury lollipops froze right in front of their guests. Visitors also searched for abnormal flavoured doughnuts using infrared thermal sensing cameras.

food spread

Credit: Tonic

In-table Water Feature

At an awards ceremony a 16-foot-long table with a built-in water feature designed as part of Allie Awards’ “experience the elements” theme. This event took place in the aquarium to match it’s water based theme.

Credit: BizBash

Indoor Drag Race

What: Indoor drag race celebrating the launch of the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber motorcycle at The Printworks in London involving many racing legends such as seven-time World Champion Carl Fogarty MBE, and a national team of motorcycle journalists.

The event also featured a live headlining set courtesy of the Vaccines as well as DJ Harriet Rose; the event also attracted many high profile celebrities such as Rupert Grint, Jess Glynne and James McVey who all made an appearance.

indoor go kart racing

Credit: Conference News – Martin Fullard

Pop-up Vending Machine

Hyatt Centric promoted their new travel destination and exploration focused sunrise to sunrise movement by using a pop-up vending machine which offered more than 1,600 travel-themed prizes to members of the public if they posted their favourite international destination on Instagram with a #hyattcentric hashtag or #Sweepstakes.

Credit: Hyatt Centric News

Corporate Poem Performance

What: A poem created from previous accounts and stories supplied by thousands of Astellas employees after they wanted to connect to them all at the same time. Urban poet LionHeart crafted one single narrative and delivered the poem live at the event.

man speaking

Credit: Citymagazine

Immersive Experience Geodesic Dome

What: A giant geodesic dome with state of the art 360˚ visual projections and a full narration to take all attendees on a multi-sensory food journey, from planting to the plate.

Credit: Stand Out

Capri-Sun Inspired Cocktails

Delicious cocktails served in nostalgic Capri Sun-inspired pouches containing vodka imposing form of Korean rice spirit Soju and lemon, lychee, strawberry, and cucumber juices.

coworkers on corporate bar evening

Credit: BizBash/Thursday Kitchen

Inflatable Igloo/Photobooth

Choose your inflatable photobooth that includes LED furniture, props and green screen or a backdrop. Perfect for a corporate evening afterparty.

Credit: Inflatable Photobooths


Do something out of the ordinary, and you can amaze your guests with your outstanding, unique designs and ideas for your corporate events. As guests upload pictures to different social media platforms and are ecstatic to tell their friends and colleagues about the unique experience they had at their latest corporate event produced by their event management company London.