Work can be stressful, so once in a while, it feels great to relax with your co-workers and unwind with your work colleagues as a reward for all your hard work and dedication.

What Are Corporate Events For?

Corporate events are a good way of socialising and building bonds with your work colleagues and people that you haven’t spoken too before. We’ve included a variety of corporate event ideas in this article so that they fit everyone’s budgets, from events that cost next to nothing to events that you may have to be willing to splurge a bit more on. So if you’re having trouble on what to plan for your employees, or want to organise something for your co-workers. Whatever it is, this article can give you the answers to all your questions on the best corporate event ideas.

# 1 Karaoke

Nobody dislikes karaoke, a lot of people aren’t very confident when it comes to this sort of event but as the night moves along they slowly get braver and braver, and then by the end of the evening you can’t get them off the microphone.

Karaoke brings everybody together and works wonders at creating new friendships, and there’s nothing like spending your Friday night screeching along to the Grease soundtrack with your boss.

# 2 Bingo

Very old fashioned and perhaps a bit outdated but I think bingo is very enjoyable. With the option to attend in large groups bingo is one of the best options for a corporate event, and everybody can get involved! Despite the fact it is branded an activity for elderly citizens it’s acceptable and fun for all ages.

bingo machine and bingo scorecard

# 3 Poker Or Card Games

Card games such as poker and rummy are very popular and can be an effective way of bringing the whole office together for the evening. Although, it isn’t for the faint-hearted and activities like this can sometimes get a bit nasty as greed kicks in, very suited for competitive employees who want to be the winner. But it’s also very easy for people to start betting on their houses to beat the manager they don’t like at a game of poker.

However, all in all, it’s an excellent way to socialise and a good opportunity to try something new if you’ve never attended this sort of event before, it’s also one of the cheapest event ideas on this list.

# 4 Photobooth

This is actually one of the most popular options for a lot of event companies in london, and it’s suitable for everyone. Photo booths can be combined with props to make the experience even more humorous and the images taken can either be shared immediately online or printed off for guests to take home.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and your employees are going to have those photos as memories of that event forever, photo booths are also magnificent at creating new bonds. Two people who don’t necessarily know each other get dragged into the same photo booth, that’s got to get the conversation rolling. Events, where you can socialise are the key to creating strong, sturdy friendships.

 photo booth props

# 5 Stand Up Comedy

Everyone loves to laugh, laughing and entertainment is usually what keeps the ball rolling at events and meetings. Stand up events give attendees a conversation topic, and they can chat back and forth for hours about the jokes made by the comedian that tickled everybody in the audience.

It’s been scientifically proven that laughter can relieve stress and moderate amounts of pain, laughter is an important factor in a healthy lifestyle, so who’s going to say no to a comedian?

# 6 Room Escape Tasks

These games are widely popular, and I’ve seen some people play them on their phones and tablets. They look easy, but they’re actually highly complex and can take hours to resolve. If it’s frustrating as a game, then imagine it in real life, although it may be irritating when you can’t complete it, it’s a highly effective team building activity.

Only around 22% of people who attempt this activity actually complete it in the hour time frame you have. Test your employee’s intelligence with this amusing activity.

 room escape tools

# 7 Talks And Discussions

Provided by Red head Productions London , this service is really efficient at providing people with new interests or getting together large groups of individuals that all take an interest in the same category. This corporate event idea is if you are looking for a more major event for a bigger proportion of guests.

Corporate discussions and our tailored events are popular for a lot of businesses, and we have held many events such as talks about health and medicine to debates and talks about retail. Talks often inspire employees and can give them a new mindset or interest to discuss with fellow employees.

An event on this scale would be difficult to organise all by yourself, but Red head Productions is one of the leading event companies in London and can help you every step of the way to organise your corporate event.

# 8 Magicians

This may sound childish, but everyone is always wooed by the unbelievable tricks of a magician, how do they do it? You ask yourself over and over, you don’t want to be childish, but you can’t help but wonder how they’re pulling rabbits out of a hat and flowers out of their sleeve.

You can’t help yourself, everyone loves these magical acts, and your employees are sure to be talking about it for the next few weeks to come and is sure to go down well with your staff.

 magician holding deck of cards

# 9 Cooking Event

Although this one might not sound that appealing, you can actually make it appealing by putting your own twist on it. Why not hold your works own Come dine with me competition? It’s a great way to socialise with people you don’t necessarily talk to and also a great opportunity to show off your amazing chef skills and wow your guests with a selection of gourmet treats.

# 10 Charity Ball

Why not socialise with your work colleagues while doing something good for the community? Here at Red head Productions, we offer Gala’s and Dinners that would be perfect for a charity gala evening. A lot of people pride themselves knowing that they are doing the best they can to help out others, and a charity fundraiser does that while you and your employees are also having a good evening. Not to mention the fact we offer “corporate event management in London” href=”/services/corporate-meetings”> corporate event management in London for events like these.

 business man putting money in donation jar


So that’s some of the best corporate event ideas we could think of, and we hope they have inspired you on what to organise for your company’s next event. If you enjoyed this article or found it helpful, why not share?